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We are the Tahsis Community Garden Society. Please email us at tahsiscommunitygardensociety@gmail.com

Monday, May 29, 2017

Drip Demo May 28th

"Another shout out to 
Terry, Silvie, Maureen & Mervin, Bill & Catherine 
for showing off the community garden today. 
Terry and Silvie for the hands on irrigation system 
demo in the greenhouse. I think the public has a 
better understanding of how it all goes together 
and the different watering options that are 
available depending on what you are growing. 
 I know I do. Great job everyone!!"
- Kim, TCGS President

Garden volunteers were on site Sunday to demo the drip irrigation system.  Thanks to everyone who came out and sincere thanks again to the Tahsis Literacy Society for funding the drip irrigation project.  

The community garden is looking neat and tidy - thank you Terry, Kim, Maureen, Merv, Pat and Jim for stepping up and getting this done the day before.  That's one great haircut! 

The various components of our greenhouse system. 

A hole is punched into the header line to connect either a feeder line for a drip spike, or a soaker line directed to individual plant roots.  

Once connected, this soaker line is laid out 
to direct water to Catherine's tomatoes. 

Terry is growing ginger and melons in the centre bed, 
let's revisit this garden effort in a few weeks! 


Terry loops the soaker line around and Bill adds finishing touches to the bed. 

Locally milled cedar from Bill VS will be used
for the Farm to School garden upgrade - it smells wonderful.  

Next whole work project is the F2S beds. We have all the lumber and just waiting for a few more bolts to come in at Tahsis Building Supply. 
Terry will keep us all posted as to when he is ready for our hands on help.

Village administrator Janet stops by to check out our system and tour the garden.  Many thanks to Chuck St. Denis for providing all of these wonderful photographs. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Learn about
Drip Irrigation
at the
Tahsis Community Garden
Sunday, May 28th
from 1 til 3 pm

Everyone Welcome

With great appreciation, the community garden recently received funding from the Tahsis Literacy Society for two drip irrigation systems, one for the Community Garden greenhouse and the other for the Farm to School (F2S) garden area. 

The greenhouse system is operational.  For any community members interested in learning about drip irrigation, garden volunteers will be on hand this Sunday to demonstrate its benefits and provide information on installations.  Drop by anytime between 1 and 3 pm. 

The Farm to School garden is currently ‘under construction’.  Its drip irrigation set up will use three different types of systems, and the installation will provide more of a ‘hands on’ learning experience for community members.  Date of this event to be determined.  A sign-up sheet for the F2S installation will be available on site on Sunday.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Clean Up April 30th

What a great day at the garden on Sunday!  
President Kim has these words of thanks:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To all the members and non members that came out to the work party on Sunday. 😊  You are such a dedicated lot to brave the weather. The Green House  looks FANTASTIC inside and out.  Please do not bring anything back in, we will be installing the irrigation system as soon as it comes in Yippee!   Picnic table and bench are all cleaned as well. Terry was on brambles and planning the new F2S bed design.  All materials will be ordered early next week. So nice to have some students Brody and Seth involved in the garden this year. Oh to be young and limber again...  Was hoping to get some burning done but will have to reschedule that for a drier day 😊  Thanks again for your commitment to maintaining this gem of ours and may the Sun Gods  😎 shine sooner than later.  
Happy Gardening everyone🐝🐝🐝🌞🌞🌞 - Kimberley  

The rain held off (more or less), the greenhouse was cleaned up with avon bubblebath (!), Terry battled blackberries, Kim scrubbed the greenhouse (wash/rinse/repeat), Maureen worked with quiet dedication, Juanita came an hour early, Catherine and Bill dug right in, Silvie cleaned the bench, Cookie made her observations and sought out potential petters, Patricia chipped in and exuded peace, Debbie and Louis stepped right up looking for jobs to accomplish, and newest members Brody & Seth helped with hoses and even got a row of peas planted.  Many thanks to mom Allison for capturing the event with these photos, and for grabbing a sponge and joining in.  

Maureen and Seth

Brody is ready to plant

Kim blasts away at the greenhouse

Peas are planted

 Cleaning up bed 17

A job for our tallest volunteer

Recounting of Ubedam Theatre's great show on the weekend. 

 Long standing volunteer Cookie

Terry gives Silvie the scoop on F2S plans

Debbie and Seth having some fun, clouds held off for the most part.  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Greenhouse Clean Up April 30th

Great News!  
The Tahsis Literacy Society has approved our grant application for funding the Drip Irrigation Project.  
We will be installing drip irrigation in the community garden greenhouse and in the Farm to School garden area.  

We have opted for a variety of drip irrigation systems so that all community members can learn about drip irrigation installations and see what might work best for their own home gardens.  Drip irrigation keeps your plants happy and conserves water. 

But first.... we need to clean up the greenhouse! 
All hands on deck this Sunday, April 30th at 11 AM. 
Let's get her done! 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mason bee house is up

Since the sun was shining and the primulas were planted, I put the Mason bees out today. Now, it is bucketing down. We had many more cocoons than there were spaces. Should be a good sized group.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Planting Crowns On the Queen's Birthday

We finally got a nice sunny day in Tahsis and the timing was perfect - there were 50 asparagus crowns to go into the 
Farm to School garden. 

A last minute call went out to CMESS students and a few were able to participate in the planting with Organic Master Gardener Terry. 

Our resident 'Duck Lady' Juanita, suggested that if anyone had a birthday today, that would be a good way to remember the planting.  Resident 'Corgi Lady' Silvie, piped up, 'why it's the Queen's 91st birthday!'

So we planted asparagus crowns on Her Majesty's birthday - and we even had a (royal) Corgi there to supervise, with Maester Percy the Spaniel as (official) Advisor.  


Granger digs in.

 Beneath the Holly tree, Natasha planted the primroses that were used to decorate the food table at our AGM.  
The Mason Bees will enjoy these.  

Lining up the planting area as 
Cookie the Corgi circles the group. 

Sweet Percy waits for a treat

Beautiful day, thank you Terry for sharing your knowledge and thanks to the young Tahsites who came out to help.  We'll remember this planting day in the years to come when the asparagus is enjoyed @ Farm to School.  
A Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth!